Friday, June 30, 2017

Regarding Demons

We live in an epically wicked time. That means we come in contact with those who are possessed or oppressed all the time. In addition, demons constantly roam among us looking for someone to afflict. There really is an epic, ongoing battle for the souls of men.

If we are fully His, we can and should rebuke those demons. If you are spiritually aware of them, remember who you are and do not be silent in your opposition. They are far more afraid of than most realize.

However, in regards to possession/oppression we should never forget that unless the one delivered then chooses to be His, those demons will most likely come back. The "doorway" will not have been sealed. So, they'll come back, bringing some "friends" with them. This cycle can go on indefinitely. So, be on your guard, and keep taking the fight to them.

If you run a ministry or work in outreach, you should consider this just part of the job. People must be freed from demonic influence to have the opportunity to change, and demons will come against anyone who tries to interfere with their dragging folks to hell. So, it's serious warfare.

It can get very intense. Fortunately, we are not standing against them in our own power; but His. Neither do we stand alone, but surrounded by His warrior angels. That is why the demons tremble when we oppose them. They see all the hordes of heaven with their swords drawn! They see the LORD in His role as our Deliverer! Is it any wonder they run screaming?

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