Friday, June 30, 2017


The intentionally sinful think Christians judgmental. What they fail to realize is that we are in love with our LORD. He law is law to us. So, when He calls something wicked, we cannot but agree with Him.

The lost think Christians self-righteous. They don't understand that our only righteousness comes from Him, binding us to His will. So, it isn't about our holiness. It is about His.

The unsaved see Christians as unloving. What they do not grasp is that it isn't love to pretend God will not prevail. No, love offends in order to pull them from His certain wrath.

Some believe we are obligated to love and accept them while they remain in sin. They either don't care or don't realize it would be like a lamb trying to have dinner with a lion. Not that we don't have defenses. We certainly do. However to use them could cost the "friend" everything, and most Christians do not want that.

We can love the sinner, but still be horrified or repulsed by their sin. We know what our LORD went through to deliver them from it. So, it isn't just the sin, but the suffering He endured that they have rejected.

There really is a dividing line. Once one chooses the devil, one has deliberately separated from those who choose God. Typically, though, they still blame the one they separated from for the separation.

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