Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brief Update

I have been crazy busy, but I made out to the pit to witness and preach several times anyway. One morning was spent in court, taking a violent man to task for his aggressions at the pit. 
Despite having a judge who made it clear he did not want to rule in our favor, our testimony left him little choice. According to the prosecutor the first two witnesses sealed the case. (I was the first of those.)
I have also been reaching out to the mother I turned several months ago. Her due date is quickly upon us. The good news is, though, that she is doing well and is ready -- even excited (yeah!) about her child.
Between allergies and a virus I haven't been online much, but I am hoping to work on a new piece today. Until, the Lord bless and keep those who are His, and convict and deliver those who aren't to His great glory.

In Him,


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Divine Appointment

I had a divine appointment yesterday that is very indicative of the times. I had asked the LORD to put me where He wanted me and use me as He willed. So, I wound up leaving town much later than I normally do, and I stopped at Walmart on the way out.
Just as I climbed into my truck a woman came running up to me. She was desperate. She babbled almost incoherently. The main thing I caught was that she and her son were homeless. She had lost her job, found another, but they had yet to pay her. He is diabetic, and she didn't have enough money to feed him. And the hotel they were staying in was about to toss them back onto the street.
All this while I was digging in my wallet. It was nearly empty, but I did find one twenty lurking amidst the butterflies. I said, "You're homeless?"
She said, "Yes. Please, I wouldn't ask . . ."
I pulled out the twenty and handed it to her. 
She immediately began to bawl like a baby. "Oh, thank you. Thank you," she cried. Then she ran off. By the time I had straightened my purse, she was completely out of sight.
I just sat there a moment, distressed for her. Twenty dollars was such a big deal for her, but I likely would have missed her altogether if not for the Lord. Her desperation broke my heart. That single remaining twenty fixed her world -- at least for the moment, but I didn't get a chance to pray with her. So, I started thanking the LORD, and asking Him to continue to help her as I drove off.
I'm glad I look like an approachable grandmother. I am so glad, but more than that I'm overwhelmed at the mercy of God. He put me there at just the right time for her, and made sure I had just enough money to help her. I'm weeping as I write due to the awesomeness of our God. It meant everything to her, but I likely would have missed it if He hadn't timed it just right.
People are desperate. People are afraid. We who know the truth can truly be His light in their darkness -- if we're willing, if we're open to God's direction. Yes, the times are hard on all of us, but that twenty was such a little thing in the grand scheme of things. Yet, it gave her such hope and joy, and it blessed me greatly while glorifying God. Is that not why we are here?