Thursday, June 27, 2013

From the section on Who He Is of "The Air of Heaven"

The Nature of Supremacy
by Betty Baker Bailey

Man looked hard at the stars for simplicity,
Hoping to prove God an impossibility.
But the stars did not comply.
They left man wondering, “Why?”
But still too blind to recognize the futility.

Man soon turned to the cells in absurdity. 
Surely they would expose God’s anonymity.
But the cells did not neglect
To give Him His due respect,
And admonished once again man’s duplicity.

Preferring sludge over Him led to creativity.
If a man from an ape, then ingenuity.
But the bones could not be found
Though they dug up all around
For God is well aware of our stupidity.

If we first ascertained the word supremacy,
We would have little need for such inaccuracy.
While some men may still desire
To stand all that much higher;
God, alone, is the true aristocracy.

That man has evolved is a known fallacy.
That God is a fraud is complete lunacy.
But sinful man in his pride
Is a darkly blinded guide
Whom God, wisely, will not allow legitimacy.

Consider well, now, the word supremacy,
A description of God of most accuracy.
For God carefully controls
The little bit that man knows,
And limits man’s deplorable degeneracy.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

From the Section on Faith, Hope, and Love of "The Air of Heaven"

by Betty Baker Bailey

Though battles rage around me,
I lie in peaceful sleep
For Angels stand at ready
My safety for to keep.

The world is not a safe place.
But I, a little sheep,
Can rest content that His grace
Is sufficiently deep.

And so, until the sunrise,
When dew has kissed His land,
In peace I sleep with closed eyes,
And rest inside His hand.

Monday, June 10, 2013

From "The Air of Heaven" -- the prayer that follows "Able Potter"

Gracious and loving Heavenly Father,
Thou art worthy of all praise and adoration.
We are humbled before You,
Honored to come before You.
To be in Your presence is a blessing, indeed.
To be allowed to present our requests is a privilege,
And we are grateful for it.

For You the sun is a plaything. The worlds dance to Your tune.
Yet, You, by Your loving grace have carefully provided for our needs.
We would do well to recognize Your generosity with praise.
All that we have we owe to You.

Open our eyes, Lord, to the depth of Your provision for us.
Incline our hearts to understand Your great love.
Turn our hearts from the earthly mindset of being independently able.
Not one of us could create one single ounce of dirt.

Thank You, Lord, for providing us with this world on which we live.
Thank You for covering it with such wondrous plants.
From the beautiful and fragrant flowers to the nourishing and tasty
fruits and vegetables, You show Your abiding concern for us.
Thank You, Father, thank You.

For the variety of animal life You have provided, we also praise You, Father.
Each one serves a purpose, though we may not yet understand it fully.
Thank You for the fertile valleys and the refreshingly cool waters,
the majestic mountains and welcoming sandy beaches.
Every corner of this wondrous world speaks clearly of Your greatness,
echos with the richness in which You intended for us to live.
We thank You, Father, for such great provision.

May the angels lift Your praises high and may our hearts lift up Your name,
O worthy Lord and God, we are indeed blessed to be Yours
in Yeshuah's name, amen and amen.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

More From "The Air of Heaven"

Were It Not For You
by Betty Baker Bailey

Where would I be, Jehovah,
Were it not for You?
Forget returning to the sod,
Oblivion would have to do.

You are the God who made us all.
None fathom Your true worth.
You love the meek and keep the small
Who gather at Your hearth.

Where would I be, Holy Spirit,
Were it not for You?
Falling fast into the pit
As the blind are sure to do.

You are the God who lets us know
The true depth of Your love.
And when we are too full of woe
You touch us from above.

Where would I be, Loving Savior,
Were it not for You?
Lost outside forgiveness’ door,
Adrift without a clue.

You are the Lord who came and died
To save us from our sin.
Though some prefer this fact denied,
You are the gate that we must go in.

I praise You, Father, and choose You, God;
The One I want to please.
And ask that You, by Your sweet grace,
Answer quick my bended knees.

I thank You, Spirit, for Your touch.
I weep at Your embrace.
You keep me from the winding way;
My focus on His face.

I thank You, Yeshuah. You are Lord
And lover of my soul.
In Your steps I follow close,
Obedience my goal.

I will praise You in the morning
And worship You at night.
For You alone are worthy.
No one can match Your might.

I stand in awe before Your throne.
I worship and I bow.
For You alone are God of all,
Past, present, and the now!

I thank You through quiet tears.
Your presence is so great
My being trembles to be near
The One who wholly sates.

Help me as I worship You
With what I have to give
For what is life if we don’t serve
The One who made us live?