Saturday, May 27, 2017

The "Grand" Agenda

The ultra-rich do not care for the poor. They like to look like they do, but their real agenda is to prosper themselves at the poor's expense. Their gods are money and self. They are the devil's own. The evil that they do is world-ending, because they would destroy everything to prosper themselves. Many cater to them, hoping to get a "piece of the pie". They, too, give up their souls to money and self.

The "grand" scheme is to depopulate the world. To reduce the population to just enough people to provide for and serve them. If the masses wake-up and realize what they are doing, it will bring unprecedented war. That is war of such dimensions that very few will survive. If the masses remain asleep; the attacks on our food supply, health care, and insect life (like bees) will continue until few poor survive. Either way, the ultra-rich will get that part of what they seek.

What they will not get is the ability to enjoy their "victory". No, because they will be dead, too. In their "supremacy" they will find out that there really is Someone vastly more supreme, because God will see to it that they reap what they have sown. Their underground bunkers will not save them. Their vast resources will not save them. Their hired guns will not save them. Nothing will save them from the wrath of God. Nothing.

Is there any way to stop it? Yes. I believe we could. However, what is required is highly unlikely. I mean if professing Christianity refuses to wake up to save their own nations, why would they wake up to save the world? I honestly don't expect they will.

So, like the ancient Israelites, the enemy will be allowed to come in (many are already here) and plunder and kill as we reap what we have sown. Bloodshed follows bloodshed (Eze 35:6), and we have silently allowed millions to be brutally, savagely, and mercilessly killed. Genghis Khan has nothing on us.

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