Thursday, May 25, 2017

Go and Sin No More

One of the ways many participate and facilitate abortion is by assuring those planning to abort that "God will forgive them". Many children have been killed because pastors, elders, and professing Christians often offer this comfort eagerly. It is one of the primary reasons so many professing Christians frequent abortuaries, and it is high on God's list of reasons for rebuking us as a nation.

Galatians assures us that God will not be mocked (6:7). The idea that we can plan to sin then ask for forgiveness is an attempt to do just that. Assuring someone intent on sinning that God will forgive them often leads them to continue on their chosen path. As such, it makes one a partner with them in sin. In short, you have given your approval as one who knows God.

The reality is that intentional sin of this type usually carries with it severe punishment. Because abortion is the willful shedding of innocent blood, it makes both the counselor and the perpetrator guilty of bloodshed. Bloodshed follows bloodshed. (Eze 35:6) So, it is not just by their silent inaction that the church is made guilty; but also, by their encouragement to disregard Christ's sacrifice.

A better way to deal with the abortion minded is to point out that intentional sin attempts to mock God. That God Himself will come against them for that. I would also add the verses regarding the affect of shedding innocent blood. (Gen 4:10, 11, 9:5; Deu 19:9, 10, 27:25; Pro 6:16-19, 21:12 ; and Jer 7:6, 7 are a few of them.) Further, I would point out that abortion doesn't just destroy the individual. It is a nation-killer. Psalm 106:37, 38 tells us that.

We must cease to care more about comforting those intending to sin than we do regarding God. He is the One we have to deal with. If He truly is our God, we should respect Him too much to continue such disrespect. It might help to remember that Christ never even appeared to approve of sin; but rather, called all to "sin no more". (Joh 8:11)

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